Lessons for Young Designers
I created an accordion-style book that could be seen page-by-page, or opened up to its full extent. The illustrations bled from page to page, as I felt my thoughts were flowing through the pages like a stream, instead of showing clearly defined "steps." This is because I learned that the design process is much less linear and "clean" than I thought, with loops going back and forth between prototypes and ideas before finally moving towards a definite end.
Having been through the Design and Visual Communication Program, I've learned a lot about design that I never would have imagined. In the process of writing my personal manifesto, I found that I wrote a series of lessons that I wished I had known when I was first starting out as a designer. It became about passing on what I learned to students who were just starting out as designers themselves.
I wanted to tell young designers that their future would be complicated. I didn't want to tell them that it would be an easy path. I didn't want to say that there wouldn't be failures and frustrations. What I wanted to say to them was to accept and face these challenges head on, and to keep going forward.